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Our history with the OneWheel

At Ride On Experience, we started the Onewheel adventure in June 2016. First with the Onewheel Original, then the Onewheel+, Onewheel+XR, Pint, Pint X, GT and today the new Onewheel GT S-Series! We're the specialists on this incredible machine, which offers unique gliding sensations. Contact us if you need any advice, we can be reached by phone and email here.

Today, Ride On Experience's engine is located in Lège Cap Ferret, in our magnificent shop at 2 ter avenue des chênes on the Arcachon basin! It's from this address that your packages are carefully prepared and dispatched throughout France and Europe. It's also here that you'll find the customer service team to answer all your queries.

A problem with your Onewheel? It can happen. In that case, your onewheel can pass through the hands of our dedicated after-sales team if you need a diagnosis, tire change, bearing change or overhaul. We're also available in the event of a breakdown, and have had our own workshop since June 2023, so we know how to repair all Onewheel models.

We're ready to share our 100% Onewheel passion with you!

Our entities

- Sales department: After-sales service, technical support, customer service, by e-mail and telephone, at your service

- Onewheel coaches: They help you learn to use Onewheel

- Marketing and communication: We have an active team to develop Onewheel in France: social networks, newsletters, influence, Youtube channel...

- Partnership and B2B development

The team
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Want to join our team?

Try your luck by sending an e-mail to info@rideonexperience! We're always delighted to welcome new people with a passion for
our history and board sports.