Welcome to the Ride On Experience online shop! Our society is 100% dedicated to Onewheel through both practice & classes AND boards & accessories sales.

Our story began in Summer 2016, when the first Onewheel School “on Earth” came to birth, under the name Ride On Experience Onewheel Center.

At first, it was an adventure between two friends – Arnaud and Samuel – a Onewheel video, a desire to get new sensations with this revolutionary board, a seek for an alternative to waveless days, a quest to ride freely…

And finally conclude that everyone can enjoy as much as we do the riding sensations of Onewheel! Even our moms, true story! 😂

Few months later, after introducing Onewheel to more than 1000 riders/clients, their satisfaction and smiles were the best reward we could ever get.

In September 2016, motivated like never, we decided to wear two hats by also becoming the Onewheel official reseller. This brought us to meet and deliver people from all over Europe. We now feel supported beyond our frontiers!

In 2018, our beginnings in our garages are behind us. At Ride On, we are now proud to welcome you in our store in Lège-Cap-Ferret, near the forest.

This very same year, we managed to create the first physical shop as long as the first virtual one, both 100% dedicated to Onewheel. It’s also a real pride for us to gather passionate and dynamic team members to keep providing you a top-notch service.

All of those wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Future Motion (Onewheel company). We now have strong boundaries and we keep reinforcing our partnership together day after day.

Today, Ride On Experience is the number 1 Onewheel official reseller in Europe! 😁👌