Surestance Pro Fusion Footpad

Surestance Pro Fusion Footpad


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Just ask for more control !

In the Surestance Pro Family, ask for the Goldilocks ! Surestance Pro Fusion comes with mid-high kicktail and mellow concave. It offers another profile from what the Surestance Pro offers, since its concavity starts from the center of the pad, ending up with a gradual lift from heel to toe.

As an effect, the ride is more comfortable and supportive, and still provides substancial kicktail for foot reference and control.

Tested and valided from all Ride On Team, The Surestance Pro Fusion is sick !

Kick: 27mm – Mid

Concave: 10mm – Low

Compatible with all Onewheels (Onewheel Original requires Onewheel+ Bumpers). Only back footpad included.