Onewheel+ Surestance Footpad

Onewheel+ Surestance Footpad


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Compatible with all Onewheel models. The set up requires Onewheel+ Bumpers.

Because your Onewheel is not made to be spared, the front or back pads can be damaged.

Replace your Onewheel footpads will allow you to keep enjoying your Onewheel experience at its best, or will rejuvenate your board with a spotless look!

And BIG NEWS for Onewheel Original riders (V1) : by associating with Bumpers+, you can upgrade your board! We keep the Onewheel Original style with the Full Sensor Front Footpad comfort. So cool!

If you want to step up with this option, we made a special pack : the Onewheel Refresh Pack, available on our e-shop.

Product sold in pair, back and front. Pay close attention to set up instructions by watching our tutorial video on our YouTube channel.