Pack XR Maghandle

Pack XR Maghandle



What if we tell you that your Onewheel is now portable ?!

The Pack XR Maghandle, including the XR Maghandle Mount and the Maghandle, will allow you to carry your Onewheel+ or XR very easily.

The XR Maghandle Mount is the support made to be attached to your axle block so that you can fix the Maghandle or Maghandle Pro to it, whatever the color is.

If you are an adventurous person, no doubt this pack will make easy all of your journeys. Indispensable and easy set-up !

Compatible with the Onewheel+ and Onewheel+XR

Note : For any order made for the Pack XR Maghandle, get a XR Charger Plug to the colour of your choice ! (write it down the comment section intended for this purpose)

Maghandle Mount in black only
Maghandle available in 18 colors (Maghandle Pro Pint included)