GT Footpads

GT Footpads


A brand new Onewheel GT, what more could you want?

The new GT Footpads are the first concave front and rear Footpads designed by Onewheel. A pair of Footpads designed to overcome obstacles with ease and control, you’ll love them very quickly! The grip that covers the GT Footpads has a thick grain and your shoes will stick to it in any situation.

The Footpads are the black platforms located at the front and back of your Onewheel GT, where you position your feet. The front footpad is equipped with a sensor who detect you and you can easily control your Onewheel. 

✅ Front and rear concave footpad

✅ Heavy duty grip

✅ Tools included for easy installation

Compatible with Onewheel GT. Shipping starts beginning of July 2022.

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