GT Carbon Fiber Fender

GT Carbon Fiber Fender


An unbreakable fender to protect you during your most sporting rides!


The fender is a resistant mudguard which is placed between your feet, above your wheel. It protects you from the elements of wear and tear which are embedded during your rides in Onewheel GT: stones, dust, earth, sand… 


The fender is therefore an essential element for any good ride! What’s the advantage of this fender ? It is made of carbon fiber, it is totally unbreakable. Go ahead, you can try it! 


Still not convinced? What if we told you that it resisted, during a test, to a hydraulic press of more than one ton? This new accessory is just that: ultra-strong! Have a look here:


Ride with dry feet

Protect the footpads and the grip of your Onewheel GT

Customize your board 

Easy to install, sold with screws and allen key