Answers to your questions about Onewheel

Welcome to the Onewheel FAQ! Ride On Experience team is here to assist you and answer all your questions. We listed here the most frequently asked questions asked by the Onewheel riders community. Is the answer to your question doesn’t appear here, feel free to send us a message!

What is the product return policy?

You have a 14 day delay to ask for a reimbursement. It’s your retractation right. This request must be formulated by email to this address info@rideonexperience.com.

The reimbursement can only be done with the product returned intact, unused. As such, the payment will be done once the product returned.

Where can I try the product before purchasing?

We wish to allow you to try the Onewheel and its sensations if you seriously are intending to purchase. We developed an ambassadors network to offer you a free premium test in many French cities. Possibility of free tests in : Lege-Cap-Ferret, Bordeaux, Paris, Lille, Anglet, Toulouse, Montpellier and soon in many more cities, so we can be close to the future Onewheel riders and grow the community!

What is the safety equipment necessary to ride a Onewheel safely?

Onewheel is a boardsport!

Every activity or sport presents its own risks.

We recommend always wearing a helmet (CE certified) and do no hesitate to add wrist protections. Even more if you intend to do an intense and fast riding, and go off-road where holes and other deformations are not always visible. Also useful if you try figures and tricks or if you go riding in group.

To sum up, protect you in any circumstances during the practice! Be safe and respectuous to other users, pedestrians, bikers…

And by experience, don’t seek to reach speed records, this will drive you to reach the limit of your board. By limit, I mean falling, most of the time!

Please ride safe!

Is there a specific maintenance to take care of my Onewheel?

Not really, the maintenance of your Onewheel is very basic. No oil change to plan : thanks the electric! No motor piece to change either. What we check the most is : tire pressure, and, through the app, the battery level and its power to get the best capacity and autonomy.

Don’t stock your Onewheel fully discharged : as any battery, it won’t be good for it. Avoid to stock it in a cold place.

Future Motion made a great product, easy-to-use to increase the pleasure, thanks FM!

Is Onewheel really working on all types of ground?

Almost, but it’s not a SUV don’t get me wrong!

Onewheel playgrounds can be urban or natural, such as different types of path, lawn, beach on low tide (never touch the saltwater : corrosion and electrical components are not friends).

Whether you go up or down, it doesn’t matter. With onewheel, everything around you is a playground. You’ll find many videos on our website or on Internet showing a practice in various places, even on the snow.

In what measure Onewheel resists to the water?

It’s important to inform you that Onewheel is not waterproof!

Future Motion explains that it’s water resistant, which means we can ride on humid roads or paths. However we can’t ride on paddles or on any other liquids, even less on seawater. We should also avoid to ride on super rainy day!

Is it difficult to ride Onewheel?

Hell no! Onewheel is the easiest riding sport in the world. Being autonomous on Onewheel takes between 1 second to 20-25 min max. The majority manages to be autonomous in 15 minutes!


Even our moms, young and dynamic 60 year old ladies (we love you!), while they never practice any type of riding sport before, have been comfortable riding it after a few minutes. True story : to manage the pressure of the first try, one of our moms needed 3 glasses of rosé before trying!

Truly, it’s very easy and adapted to all (except mobility issue or contraindication to sport). Those who will explain you the best are the persons who visited us to make a try : sneak a peek of their opinions here!

What outfit and security equipment are required to ride Onewheel?

As for the majority of sports, you need to favour comfort in your practice. You simply need to wear comfortable clothes : jean slim or loose, jogging, short, dress… Your wardrobe should allow you to ride everyday all year long.

Favour flat shoes over heels or platforms, so you can feel the board better. It can also work with running shoes, even if that’s not the best option.


2 important things :

  • Always wear a helmet! A requirement to follow, especially on hard grounds!
  • Wear wrist protections. Our hands are so important everyday, so take care of them.
Is there a minimum age to ride Onewheel?

Onewheel was created by an adult fan of snowboard, Mister Kyle Doerksen, for adults.

Through our Onewheel School, we deliver initiation classes from 10 years old and private classes to 8 year-old kids.


In my personal experience, under a close supervision, my nephew first rode Onewheel at the age of 5 and was autonomous after 1 hour. He rode on lawn in a garden, riskless.

You can start Onewheel from young and for all life long.

What is the maximum weight supported by Onewheel?

Maximum weight authorized on the board is 125 kilos.

Why is my Onewheel blinking?

Blinking of the on/off button is totally normal. It indicates, depending on the frequency, the battery level. The faster the blinking is, the less battery remains. But it’s better to keep an eye on the app. The blinking can also warn about an error = blinking very fast. This mostly results (99%) by a user error : you just have to correctly turn down and on the board and it’s all good!

Remember that Onewheel needs to be turned on while it’s on the ground, without lifting or touching it, otherwise there’ll be an error message and it won’t work.


To download the app on your phone, it’s a piece of cake. Go to your App store or Play store : the app is simply named “Onewheel”. Download it, open the app and you’re connected to your board.

Why is my Onewheel pushing back?

When your Onewheel is pushing back, that’s what we call a “pushback”. That’s a warning sign indicating you’re reaching the maximum speed supported by the board’s motor, or by the riding mode you’re using.


Indeed, Sequoia and Cruz modes are limiting the maximum speed to 19 km/h and 24 km/h. If the rider is speeding up, he will get the “pushback” effect, which will warn him that he can’t ride faster. Never try to fight against this security alert, because most of the time as a result the rider will fall.

Everything has its own limits : trying to overtake them will expose you to potential risks, more or less serious.

How can we ride like the guys on the video?

Take time to get enough techniques and basic reflexes, develop your technique, your perception of feet supports and their consequences, adapt your flexibility, get inspired by videos of experts and observe their technique (look, arms, shoulders…), develop your own style and the rest follows.


We’re far from having exploring all Onewheel possibilities : create your own figure!

No need to do big tricks or go super fast to get noticed : being on Onewheel, chilling, is enough!

Most important is to enjoy the moment. Fun is better than pain for performing.

How do we stop with Onewheel?

Better than a long explanation, simply check out this tutorial video.

What is nothing happening while I’m on my Onewheel?

If you turned on your board and nothing happens, then several possibilities.

Either your battery is down : just check your app and charge your board.

Either you turned on while manipulating the board. Then you should turn off and turn on the board, while making sure it’s on the ground without any manipulation (refer to the question “Why is my Onewheel blinking” if needed).

Either when you’re moving forward to activate it, you’re not pushing hard enough on the captor. It’s mostly the case when we do it too fast or while watching our feet.

How long does it take to charge my Onewheel?

Onewheel is charging in 20 minutes.

Onewheel+ XR in 110 minutes.

If the battery is totally discharged, the time to reach 100% can increase.

Can I ride my Onewheel as soon as the unpacking?

Definitely! It arrived charged and ready to be rode! Download the app, watch our videos one last time for the first steps, equip yourself and goooooo!

How do I connect my Onewheel to the app?

Nothing’s easier : available for Android and iOS, free, you just have to download it and the rest is super intuitive.

Where can I find Onewheel accessories?

HERE, accessories page dude!

You’ll find all the necessary accessories for the Onewheel practice. We are proud to be the exclusive dealers of the best “must have” accessories, straight from the US.

How do I meet riders close to me?

We are hardly working on a simple solution to gather all riders in France and in Europe.

In the meantime, ways to make buddies are multiple, mostly on social media. To join the Onewheel community and meet its members, you just have to follow the Facebook pages and join the groups : Onewheel Owner Groups, Onewheel Riders, OneWheel Carvers, Onewheel Riders Europe, Onewheel Fans France and also the Onewheel forum : community.onewheel.com.

What should I do if my Onewheel breaks down?

You can contact us by phone, email, Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

What is the After Sales Service at Ride On Experience?

We make everything to get you the best after sales service, so as our before sales service!

Being honest, the return rate of Onewheel+ is under 2%, an acceptable rate regarding the careless using that can be done.


If a breakdown occurs, we take care of all the after sales service management, but not its resiliation. Future Motion made the choice of being the only one to look after their products, to guarantee a qualified service. We manage the board repatriation operation, starting by sending the Onewheel back to the US. Then we manage the reparation tracking and its return to the impatient owner. All of that with a close collaboration with the Future Motion after sales service, and more precisely Natascha, who we warmly thank for her availability, sympathy and support!


Being honest, total time needed for a reparation can take between 2 to 7 weeks, depending on the time of the year and the flow density of marchandises. During the reparation time, we propose courtesy board to keep riding people.🤘

Only the shipping cost is at the customer’s charge.


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